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I often describe 7’6 as a dividing-line in the v.Bowls length decision-making process. Going longer creates a more specifically small-wave board, and as you go shorter the straight-line glide of the v.Bowls starts to lessen with every inch subtracted. The 7’6 is long enough to glide and cruise, and still wrap a tight arc.

v.Bowls do classically like a bit of tension in the wave face, so you can have confidence pulling this out when the waves get good; the better the shape of the wave, the better they go.
This triplane variation allows the board to plane out on flatter faced waves quicker than the fully rounded convex versions, while keeping the rail line, rocker and foil completely intact.

7’6” x 21 1/4” x 3” 47.91 L

Fin Recommendation:  8.5" vBowls or 9" L-Flex (In Volan preferably) from True Ames Fins.


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