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The Machine

How we use the machine

Technology achieves some things very well, and removes too much of the human element of others; In the context or surfing and Lovemachine, the replication of specific surfboards and the ability to re-make them with reliability is my chosen focal point; I believe it is the best use of technology with respect to this very special culture and tradition that we are a part of.

Surf culture is shrouded in images of shapers with big silver planers in hand-shaping all of their boards, but since the late 90's thats rarely been an honest representation. From a shaper standpoint, until we clearly define and honestly communicate what we are doing, we can't offer an honest product to the world.

Designing surfboards by computer full-stop or scaling a design broadly up and down can be useful, but not without some consequence that I'm uncomfortable with. In the hydrodynamic sense, when we scale by over 10% in one direction or the other the design and the way the water flows over it is fundamentally altered and considerable changes must be made. In the human sense, I want some variation in my approach to a different size board; my goals for a 7'6 and a 6'6 of the same 'model' are different and take a different approach to design.

The hand shaping process for me means creative freedom and the opportunity to express years of experience in a surfboard for someone; it's a unique experience that nets a unique product and takes decades to master. Hand and machine shaping are two different processes and should be held in their own regard. There is no more debate over which is better - it should be a discussion on how they are different and how we can utilize both methods best.

Hand shaping surfboards for the past 18 years has given me my worldview, time to think, ways to connect with surfers and builders all over; it is an undeniably special process that I’ll never let go of in my custom work.

Using modern technology to replicate some of those boards allows Lovemachine to recreate those favorite boards under a unique umbrella, all over the world. The goal is to deliver these designs with complete transparency and sincerity, while allowing my hand shaping practice to remain totally intact and true.

I hope theres something here that fills a hole in your quiver here or that you’ve been wanting to try out - and if not you can always connect with me for a custom hand shape!

-Ryan Lovelace