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8'6 ThickLizzy

This length has been a sweet spot for years for the Lizzy. I often find myself returning to the mid 8’ Lizzy as a suggestion for those who prefer a little more volume than the super-foiled original 7’10, often times for older crew who want more cruise-factor, or younger surfers who want to come off logs for something with similar paddle speed but far more agility and projection.

I felt 8’6 was a really natural progression for the ThickLizzy lineup here - a bit bigger, a bit more full, tons of paddle power and still quick onto rail and happy to wrap a good turn.
Sporting the same quick triplane bottom, the thing that starts to set this Lizzy apart is the sneaky vee section in the back 1/3 - I like to slide this into boards that are a bit bigger to get them onto rail faster and having more of the ball-bearing feel under-foot. The outline is a tad more curvy for the same reason, with a very slightly more pulled in nose and tail to keep it carving smoothly.

8’6” x 22 7/8” x 3 1/8” 71.69L

Fin Recommendation:  9" L-Flex (in Volan preferably) with optional Bonzer or 3.25" sidebites from True Ames Fins.


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