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7'4 ThickLizzy

Without a doubt the most ordered custom size ThickLizzy - the 7’4 is compact enough to travel, and packs enough glide to keep you in the water on even the smallest of days. We’ve found the 7’4 to be SUPREMELY sharable; it bridges the gap as a medium-to-good-wave midlength for the dudes, or a small to good-wave destroyer for the ladies. I hauled one of these around the globe for three years straight on shaping trips, covering more ground in a single board than anything I’ve ever had.  Compared to the 7’10, this smaller version sports a little more rocker in the front 1/3, as well as a turned up nose vs. the sleek ‘beak’ of the 7'10.

7’4” x 21 3/8” x 2 7’8” 46.15 L

Fin reccommendations:  8-9" L-Flex or 7.75-8.5" v.Bowls (in Volan constrcution preferably) with Bonzer (FCS base) side fins (optional) from True Ames Fins.  


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