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6'9 FM

The most aggressive midlength in the Love Machine quiver, the 6’9 FM sports a softened squash tail vs. its larger counterparts, making it extremely quick down the line while the combination of bottom shape and fins keeps it rolling effortlessly onto rail and accelerates when pushed on. The FM is known for its smoothness and ability to hold powerful arcs, at 6’9 this version will fit in your quiver as a performance shortboarder’s midlength, or a longboarder’s hotrod.

6’9” x 21” x 2 3/4” 42.14 L


Fin Recommendation:  FM Twinzer set from True Ames Fins.  *Note: as the FM fin placement is very unique, it is ONLY suggested to use the FM fin set - other twinzer designs are too small and will spin out, and keels will be extremely tracky



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