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The first of this design is the one which was scanned, something about its feel in-hand just always felt sweet to me so it wasn't a tough choice when looking back through some of the more recent experiments that…its always just kept popping up; seeing the board move under the feet of some trusted test pilots over the years only drove the point home.

Erik Paulson’s glide on the original board is undeniable and the number of texts I’ve received about how fun they are for the last 5 years has sealed the deal - I think this is a really applicable design if my goal is to provide unique surfboards through this project.

6’4” x 21” x 2 1/2” 37.3L

Fin recommendation: 6.5-7" Smith Parrish narrow base or Bonzer center fin with 3.25" - 3.5" side bites from True Ames Fins.



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