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6'1 WF

Bridging the gap!
I view this sizing and general balance as both a high performance fish with enough volume for bigger or older crew, as well as a larger-format fish thats not overly wide for smaller surfers who want extra foam.
Light vee in the very front to a broad single concave for paddle speed, and a double to spiral vee from the mid-section back - this keeps the board loose under-foot and very drivey when pushed from forward. The rails are a blend of old and new, with a little more nod to classic down-railed fishes, though still soft enough to help smooth out your kinks and not bite too aggressively.

6’1” x 21” x 2 11/16” 39.59L

Fin Recommendation:  Piggyback Keels from True Ames Fins (slightly lower for speed), or PiggyBackUp from Captain Fin (slightly more upright for more pivot).


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