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5'3 WF

When William Aliotti asked for a travel fish that would surf pumping Indo to onshore beachbreaks, this is the first board that came out of the search - one that far exceeded expectations on both adaptability and longevity.  I tweaked out a classic fish into a version specifically suited to performance shortboard surfers - with a less skittery sweet-spot under the back foot, and a heavy gas pedal under the front - the bottom shape allows you to sit in the pocket and surf top to bottom instead of run out onto the flats, and sit deeper in the tube. The most unexpected aspect of the design is its capability above the lip, William has proven this fish in flight too many times to count, which seals the deal and made this version the basis of all of mine and William’s fish experiments together since. This file comes directly from Will’s personal board, unchanged.

The flat deck and single concave underneath lets you hammer down for speed on your front foot, while the quick transition to heavy vee directly under your back foot creates drag which is key to this boards success. That drag allows you to hunker down on your back foot and keep it in the pocket, working the board top to bottom where most fishes will squirt out from under you. Its an interesting balance and was a left-turn from my normal approach to fishes, but creating two distinct areas of operation on the board seemed to pay off in keeping both that blazing down the line speed and operation in the sweet spot when the wave slows.

5’3” x 20” x 2 1/4” 28.26L

Fin Recommendation:  Piggyback Keels from True Ames Fins (slightly lower for speed), or PiggyBackUp from Captain Fin (slightly more upright for more pivot).


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