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7'10 ThickLizzy

"ThickLizzy" numero uno, scanned from the magical experiment that Trevor Gordon has ridden into the ground. The experiment that became one of the most notorious quiver-killers on the California coast, shaped in 2015 as a compliment to the v.Bowls, looking for something more suited to flatter faced waves and easy glide - walkable and capable in a super wide variety of conditions, the Thicklizzy very quickly became my most popular custom order and has proven itself extremely adaptable for surfers of all types. Set up as either a single fin (my pick) or in it’s original three-fin bonzer style that Trevor prefers, these things make trim speed when you thought there couldn’t be any left.

7’10” x 22” x 3” 54.52 L

Fin reccommendations:  8-9" L-Flex or 7.75-8.5" v.Bowls (in Volan constrcution preferably) with Bonzer (FCS base) side fins (optional) from True Ames Fins.  


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